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We Do Creative Films – it’s what we do, it’s in our name. We are an international company based in breathtaking Bali, Indonesia – taking on local and global film and photography shoots.

We’re not afraid to say that we are the best photographers and videographers in Bali. We are storytellers, innovators, a creative force that paint a picture, taking an ephemeral moment and turning it into the eternal. This passion for creating work that matters means that we put our heart and soul into every production.

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Stories of
all shapes and sizes.

Our work shows a true professional film production company. Specialized in crafting cinematic pieces, whether is an ad, viral content, or a piece of a bigger story. We can do hospitality, lifestyle videos, a documentary, an ad for your brand, or just an entirely new-perspective aerial drone footage.

We Do make it happen.

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Videos are our passion and we only produce work that we are proud to share

Our sole purpose is to create pure perfection for our clients – every single time. We know the best locations and crew for an eventful video and photoshoot in Bali. And all happens with you onboard, not behind closed doors. So, join in on the fun.

How we do it

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Beautiful moments

Photography that
capture beautiful moments.

In the realm of professional photography, our lens captures the essence of Bali, turning each click into a meticulously crafted art form. We don’t just take photos; we narrate compelling stories through every carefully composed frame, firmly believing that a single photograph holds the power to convey the message you want to tell.

The dynamic world of cinematic video production (for ads, tourism, travel, fashion, you name it) goes beyond creating mere visuals – it’s about crafting immersive experiences. We are privileged to cherish and share the heartfelt feedback from our clients, who have evolved into not just partners, but dear friends on this creative journey.


Ash War

Social media manager

We hired We Do Creative Films knowing they would be good but we really didn’t know they would be THIS GOOD. Their professionalism and attitude from start to finish along with their communication and end product were faultless. We were shocked with how fast they turned everything around and they created for us some of the best content we have ever had. We cant wait to work with they again…

We bring our passion to our clients’ work

Whether shooting in Bali, all of Indonesia, or anywhere in the World, we deliver only excellence for naturally crafting long-term relationships so we grow together.

This is what we stand for.

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